By: Michaell Lange,

London, 12/03/04 –

Walking down a supermarket aisle in South West London this morning, the scenes are surreal. Empty shelves, trolleys full of the basics for survival. Who would’ve thought how quickly our priorities can change? From holidays abroad to toilet papers and hand gel sanitizer in just a week. That’s quick! A bizarre silent panic slowly setting in like the arrogant passengers of an “unsinkable” ship that sunk killing most of the people on board, including those who thought to be more important than the rest. More than a century later, we refuse to learn the lessons of the past. We continue to think this ship is unsinkable.

I suspect, a lot of the people running like crazy to the supermarkets today, stockpiling food and toilet papers, terrified of dying from coronavirus, are some of the people whom just weeks ago were mocking Greta Thunberg, Roger Waters, the extinction rebellion movement, and other climate change activists for trying to show the rest of us how fragile our existence in this planet can be.

Are you one of them? Are you questioning what coronavirus has to do with climate change at all? Well, there is no evidence to suggest coronavirus is a result of climate change, so hold your fire just for now. The problem I have is that human beings are still thinking they are the center of the universe. We like to think we are intelligent and important, but from the Earth point of view, we are not! We must understand that for this planet, we are just a bunch of arrogant and insignificant living thing no more important than coronavirus itself. If we go today, the Earth will continue to exist tomorrow. Perhaps, even better than today. Remember, no humans, no plastic.

Even climate change activists got it wrong. The Idea “we have to save the planet” is wrong! Of course, the idea of “saving the planet” makes us feel more important, but the survival of this planet isn’t the issue. The survival of this planet is not under our control. get real people! We CAN’T destroy this planet in the first place. Who do we think we are? We are so arrogant! This is nonsense! The only thing we can destroy here is our ability to survive in this planet. Our survival! This is the issue. Don’t think plastic, CO2 or our stupid nuclear bombs can destroy this planet. The only thing that will evaporate if we blow them up will be ourselves. The planet will continue to exist. Life will continue continue to exist. The humans are the ones who will disappear.

The outbreak of coronavirus is a message from Nature to us, and it clearly states; DON’T MESS WITH ME!

If Nature blinks twice, human beings would be out of this planet as fast as a sneeze. We are not important for this planet! The fact is, this planet would be better off without us. Do you understand that?

Coronavirus is just a tiny stupid virus, but look at us. We have all this technological advanced society with broad band internet, smart phones, electric cars and GPS. We can go to the Moon, we can fly in comfort and safety across the world. We can successfully have heart transplant and brain surgeries, and still, a virus can make us drop dead like leaves in the autumn. Our society is melting down like cheese on a toaster. Two hundred deaths in one single day in Italy. No flights between Europe and united States. Schools are closing, all gatherings have been disallowed. Global markets are dropping like stones. Nature is telling us we cannot continue to mess up with this planet, or this planet will get rid of us!

But there is hope. We have been through this before. We are resilient, and hopeful. Eventually, this crisis will subside and we will find ways to survive. But we cannot afford to continually refuse to learn the lessons of human tragedies throughout history. It’s vital that we understand our survival has no insurance. The same way we can destroy this virus, this virus can destroy us. The chances of total failure will increase as fast as we deplete the resources crucial for our existence in this planet. We are not the masters of the universe. We are not more powerful than Nature. We cannot control everything! We can’t evacuate Earth! If we continue to destabilize the planet, we may find ourselves in a situation where we might not be able to survive. Coronavirus is here to tell us life on Earth is delicate, and we should not take it for granted.





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