By: Michaell Lange

London, 01/11/16 –

Let’s be honest, we are living in a world where Democracy is just a word used to promote a set of common interests that seems to benefit everyone but it benefits only a few. Its like other words such as Republican, Democrat, Socialism, right and left. Although they are different in theory, the fact is that no matter where the choice goes or whoever is in power, the world continue the same path of being controlled by an ever smaller group of people. The election in the United States is a very good example of that. The media makes the people worried about the possibility of Trump winning the election and become the new president of the US. The fact is, doesn’t matter who wins this elections, very little will change for you. You might feel good if you found yourself in the winner side, but that will be it. I say that because Barak Obama was the closest  America ever came to real change, but look to America today after two Obama mandates. Very little changed. America is today, not very far from where Bush left the country. To me, the inability of Obama to really change the country tells a lot about Democracy and voting, and it’s evidence that whatever the results this time, little will change for ordinary Americans.

The central problem might be the people’s mentality towards governments. We are very easily influenced by the media propaganda, and the media is, unfortunately, part of the government. We love a show, and the media gives what we want and we forget how serious elections are. The power of the media to influence people means that vote becomes almost irrelevant because most of the people will follow the media instructions and vote for whoever they want you to vote for. It’s not a problem limited to America though. It’s the same all over the world, and it shows how fragile democracy can be. If you are influenced by propaganda, it means that your vote isn’t really yours. If you vote based on political party or poll results, your vote actually belongs to someone else, and someone else will decide who you should vote for.

The media will take any opportunity to make elections a big show to sell news by making people exited and scared. Donald Trump in this case, is golden card. Whatever you call Trump, it will sell. He is the devil, the monster, and at the same time, the saviour. The more controversial he is, the better. Last week for instance, The American TV channel NBC published a poll showing Trump 1% ahead of Hillary. The entire world media picked up that news, but in fact, 1% difference is inside the margin of error of NBC poll, which means Trump isn’t in front, but in a technical tie with Hillary. The media knew it, but  who cares? NBC’s public relations saw a great opportunity to sell and went for it. The fact that it might influence the elections result don’t really matter as long the channel is making the most of it. The morning after Brexit, Britain supposed to be gone in thin air. Well, we are still here. Of course there will be trouble, but for ordinary people, not for the big ones. They never lose whatever the results. The Brexit itself was won based on lies, and even the people who voted for it, realised they were fooled. We all were. Even I, a remainer, knew that the argument for remain were flawed. I did my own research and voted with conviction. The Americans should do the same.

In general, people will vote in whoever makes the biggest show and attract more attention, as if it’s a game of seduction instead of electing the people who will manage your money and your life for the next 4 or 5 years. If the candidate is funny, good looking, and controversial, it has a good chance of winning. Little matter how prepared he or she is to become president. The fight is for appearance, no matter how dumb he or she is. That’s why Trump has a good chance to win. In the battle of the dumbs he is in front. That’s why Boris Johnson is loved in Britain no matter how incompetent and a convicted lair he might be.

I see people very worried about the possibility of Trump being elected. I have no doubt that, if elected, Trump will be no different than the other American presidents. It’s important to remember that the way the president looks, doesn’t really translate how good or bad he or she will be. George W Bush and Tony Blair are good examples of that. They looked smart, intelligent, competent, charming and credible, but they made the whole world a very dangerous place and were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths including Americans and British people. There is no doubt Trump is a stupid man, but he is rich, and in a world where life is less important than money, he can be whatever he wants. On the other hand, if you think Hillary is any better, forget it. She has a history of disaster policies not to mention she is the establishment in person. Trump has no history in government jobs and that is positive for him. However, either candidates will do little for the average American struggling to meet ends meet. It has been this way since Ronald Reagan, and after Obama failure, I doubt change can ever be achieved. Certainly, not with these two. Whatever the results of this elections, Bankers and big corporations will continue to profit, while the average men and women will continue to struggle. I don’t want to sound pessimist, but look back 30 years and you will see the pattern. Very little changed within the social infrastructure, and I am sure neither Trump or Hillary will do anything to change it.

We must stop this carnival, and stop glorifying these people as if they are Gods. They are not! They are just opportunist people wanting to be more famous and more powerful. They don’t give a damn to your family. We must stop following our masters and start thinking by ourselves. Individualism is a force against us. We must think like a society where everyone helps each other instead of compete against each other. The actual system benefits only those in power and slave everybody else. Unfortunately, it seems that Americans once more, fell for the snake seduction skills. If I was an American, I would refuse to vote for these two. The American people deserve better. The whole world deserve better!