By: Michaell Lange.

London, 03/12/18 –

Christmas is here, the street lights are on. Street fairs, black Friday, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. This is the time of the year I’m always looking for. But, is it only me feeling extremely depressed this time?

Driving around London has never been so stressful, and I’ve been driving in London for over ten years. Road works, road closures, new road layouts, cycling high ways, new road restrictions and bad driving, are making it impossible for professional drivers to make any money. I also never seen so many people sleeping rough. For the first time, more than 3 thousand people were found sleeping rough on the streets of London said The Guardian.  The price of everything is going up. Rent, fuel and food are making standards of living a growing challenge for many. You work more, you work harder, you tight up, but its never enough. Violence is sky high, at the same time police number is the lowest since 2003. The justice system isn’t fit for purpose, and the NHS is in deep crises. Then, there is Brexit, looming fast like a Tsunami getting close to the shore while people watch in shock and horror. Thanks David Cameron!

Has London lost its appeal? Is it worth it any longer? I love this place, but I have to say, there are a growing number of people looking to other places to live. I have friends myself whom left to Australia, USA or went back home to Portugal and Spain. Moreover, there are less Europeans willing to move to Britain. The NHS alone has over 40 thousand open vacancies and farmers are complaining they don’t have enough people to work. After 16 years in love with this country, this is the first time I am thinking about pack everything and leave to somewhere else. I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Workers on the gig economy are wining a record number of court cases against unscrupulous multinational firms. But, the number of self-employed people, mainly in the gig economy are expect to reach 5 million in a couple of years time. Nevertheless, the same companies sucking off the life of the working force in this country and paying little or no tax at all, have been allowed to continue exploiting their workers even though they have already been found guilty of hiring people on the wrong contract. Workers in the mean time, have continued to be bullied and black listed by companies while working without any employment rights.

It makes business sense. They contract a person on a self-employed contract, even though the company controls the brand, the pricing, the clients, the finance etc, while all the costs are passed to those supposed to be self-employed people. The big business can then, keep the profits at the hands of the big people. What is left for workers are debt, frustration and long hours without making any money. More than 100 thousand people a year try to end their lives because of debt.

Police, nurses, doctors, pilots, journalists, fire fighters. They are all being dragged by this system of exploitation which will eventually, destroy the economy and eat itself. It makes me wonder whether the so called “Yellow Vest protesters” in France isn’t a new kind of “Arab Spring” that will soon take over Europe.

Incompetent and careless politicians such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, which has a 60 million pounds investment in a Russian bank sanctioned by European Union while criticising Theresa May for introducing tougher economic sanction on Russia, or the Joker Boris Johnson, who can’t even be faithful to his own wife, are destroying any positive prospective for this country. A not fit for purpose justice system that allow big people causing global economic crisis walk away freely while the small people are left to pay the bill, are driving Britain to the brink of social unrest. People just can’t take it anymore.

I better stop here before I start talking about the Bank of England economic forecast for Britain in case of a no deal crash out of the EU.

If you are Religious, this is the moment to start praying. If you don’t believe in God, this is the time to find one to believe. The way things are going, one can only speculate whether this ship has enough life boat for all its passengers…


By: Michaell Lange,

London, 24/05/18 –

After 10 years of strong economic growth, nearly full employment rates and a huge prospect for the future, Brazil, the 5th biggest country and the 6th biggest economy in the world, made a sharp turn towards the cliff edge.

Since Dilma Rousseff became the 36th President of Brazil in 2011, a political impasse between her presidency and the congress, brought the government to a halt. Rousseff, a technocrat with no talent for politics and even less abilities to articulate agreements with the opposition, became the pivot of the worst political crises since the military coup in 1964. Her predecessor, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a very charismatic and a master of political articulation, made history by successfully fighting poverty and transforming Brazil’s economy.  Lula however, allowed an old and systematic culture of corruption in the government to carry on freely in order to fulfil his ambitious social policies which lifted over 30 million Brazilians from extreme poverty. Lula left the government in 2010 with over 80% popular approval, and a reputation recognised worldwide for his poverty reduction policies. For the 2010 general elections, Lula appointed Dilma Rousseff as his candidate, and despite never been elected for a public office before, and having very little political experience, Rousseff won the election to become the first female president of Brazil. However, she was very incompetent, she was possibly the most incompetent Brazilian president in history. But, she wanted to combat corruption. For that, she gave total freedom for the federal police to investigate any evidence of corruption in and out of the government. Although, she’s not recognised for that, Rousseff should be known as the mother of the so called “lava Jato” – Operation Car Wash – the biggest corruption investigation in Brazilian history. As the investigations deepened into State and Federal governments, politicians started to panic. The congress united to sort things out by impeaching Dilma Rousseff in a process where 75% of the politicians whom voted for her impeachment, were either under federal investigation or already formally accused of corruption and money laundering. Soon after Rousseff’s impeachment, the president of congress was sent to jail. Lula himself was jailed alongside some of the biggest businessmen in the country.

The new president, Michel Temer, is probably one of the most corrupt man in the land. He also implemented a plan of austerity to reinvigorate the economy by curbing workers rights, raising taxes and cutting social benefits meant to help the poor. It didn’t work. Unemployment rates rose from 4.5% in 2012 to 13% by December 2017. Inflation is at around 10% pushed by almost weekly rise in energy prices. While politicians fight each other in the congress, the economy nosedive. It’s one of the worst economic recessions in Brazilian history and things are rapidly getting worse.

Ten days ago a small group of truck drivers decided to block roads in protest against the rise of fuel prices. The price of Diesel reached R$ 3.80 Reais per litre. On average, a truck (lorry) makes 2.5 kilometres per litre, and drivers are paid about R$2.00 Reais per kilometre, which means an income of R$1.20 ($0.54 Dollar) per kilometre, and that’s before insurance, maintenance, taxes, toll roads, food, and other costs. It’s totally unsustainable!

As of today, with the support of many transport unions from all over the country, truck drivers stopped working nationwide. It’s been four days with only a hand full of trucks being able to deliver goods, these are mainly tankers, escorted by police vehicles to keep airports running. Supermarkets are running out of food and other goods. Petrol stations all over the country are running out of fuel. Perishable food is being wasted. Many slaughterhouses have been forced to stop. Thousands of litres of milk have been wasted daily as there is no way to transport it out from farms to supermarkets. Ports have been unable to load and unload cargo ships as there are no trucks available. Almost the totality of Brazil’s production is transported by road. The strike of truck drivers is causing a total meltdown of Brazil’s economy which could, in a matter of days, develop into a catastrophic social and economic disaster. So far, meetings between representatives of truck drivers and the government have ended without agreement. Authorities are predicting that if the situation remain the same, its a matter of days before the main airports start running out of fuel, and food shortage reach breaking point. If the government don’t find a solution for this crisis quickly, the strike will evolve into a general strike ending either with the collapse of the government or with another military coup. Neither of these options are good to Brazil. To make things more complicated, this October Brazil will vote again on a general election with no candidate with a clear plan to stop the fall before the crash. Many Brazilians fear the country could become another failed state such as Venezuela, many others think Brazil is already at that point. Will Brazil learn the lesson this time? Only time will tell.


By: Michaell Lange,

London, 26/02/17 –

Firstly, when Trump challenged the main stream media, I thought it was a good thing. The media is too powerful and don’t like to be challenged. The media protect their interests and must be challenged. So, criticism coming from an American president was the perfect match. There is no doubt that fake news is a huge problem throughout the media spectrum, and it was clear that the media, especially in America, did everything they could to destroy Trumps campaign. It didn’t work. The media was in fact, pivotal for Trumps victory. They were the victims of their own rating ambition. But, the way Trump has carried out his anti-media campaign went from what should’ve been positive criticism, to an outright full force attack. That’s not only bad for democracy, it’s highly dangerous!

Secondly, I thought he was going to challenge the so called establishment, and in doing so it would be normal to see the entire structure of the system shaking to the core. But, Trumps speech at CPAC is so far, the clearest evidence that Trump has decided to live in his own echo chamber by allowing in only people he likes. He completely disregards everyone else who don’t agree with him. Moreover, his plans for America Army is toxic and can drag the world back to the Cold War. That’s also not good for America!

Thirdly, when Trump had his Ban on citizens from seven muslims countries overturned by a federal judge, he should’ve appealed and followed the legal process of justice, instead, he attacked one of the core foundations of the Nation, by referring to the Judge as “the so called judge”. To any American citizen who praise their Constitutional rights, this should be enough to realise that Donald Trump isn’t really worried about their citizens rights and the Rule of Law.

Now, Trump announces he is doing another thing he promised during his elections campaign. He said during the CPAC, he believes in Peace by strength (a concept that never worked), and that he will make “American Military, bigger, better and stronger like never before”. He also said “it will be one of the greatest military buildups in American history”. The fact is, American military power is already the biggest military force the world has ever seen. The second best is centuries behind. But, his speech at CPAC has made me think about Vladimir Putin. The guy whom the West like to refer to as “the crazy guy”, “the dictator”, “the dangerous man” etc. I watched Trumps speech imagining what would be the reaction of the West if that exact speech was coming from the mouth of Vladimir Putin, under the ovation of the Russian people? Imagine Putin saying he will make Russia win again and no one will dare to mess with Russia again. Imagine that?

On the other hand, I was waiting for Vladimir Putins reaction to Trumps speech, and like most of us, I was waiting for something strong as like many of you, I also believe Putin has indeed a couple os loose screws in his head, though he’s far from being stupid. But, there was nothing from the man itself. The only response coming from Russia was from a concerned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, saying that an American military buildup could restart the cold war, and that’s very true. It is also true that a replay of an arms race will again, ends with no winners.

What also concerns me is the efficacy of Trump’s “Peace by Strength”. In fact, an American military buildup will not make America greater or safer again. The risks of total armageddon during the cold war should have been a lesson for Donald Trump. More military power does not mean more security. Buildup the military, specially the nuclear power, will increase the chances of accidental war as well as nuclear terrorism. It will make nuclear countries to feel even more nervous, and it will be used as justification for other countries to develop their own nuclear weapons. It’s a mad idea! And, there is another big problem. Money! The US total debt stands as a colossus $66 trillion Dollars, or $809 thousand Dollars per family, which in return has only $10 thousand Dollars in savings per family. Where the money will come from Mr President? That’s a question only an adviser with balls can dare to ask Mr Trump. I don’t think Mexico will pay for that too.

I can’t stop looking back in time, more precisely to the beginning of the 20th century and draw parallels to what is happening today. Nationalism rising rapidly all around the world especially in America and Europe. The Arms race that will follow a buildup of American military. The Political and Military Alliances between Russia and China to face NATO. The conflicts in North Africa as well as the Ukraine crisis can be compared to the conflicts in the Balkans, and a possible collapse of the European Union could be the catalyst for total disaster. Frankly, we are heading that way!

In the 1930s when Hitler came to power, the Germans saw him as their saviour, just like millions of Americans see Trump today. The Germans had no idea that in 10 years time, their saviour would be dead and their country would be devastated by war and hated by the world. The Brits and millions of Americans would never believe Brexit and Trump had any chance to happen. The Germans would never thought their saviour could bring so much devastation to the world and to themselves. In fact, the Germans believed Hitler would be good to all German people. If you think I am comparing Trump to Hitler, that is exactly what I am doing. The potencial to world disaster under Trumps seems just as equal. There is a lot of similarities between Trumps atitude to Hitler and Mussolinis. They share the same mix of selfishness and egocentrism which is characteristics of all dictators. Like Hitler, Trump negotiates by intimidation. The violence is different of course, but the time is different too. However, the rhetoric is the same. The thing is, the less we believe that very bad things can happen again, the bigger is the chance it will happen again. Its important to consider that the comparison between Hitler and Trump must be regarded to their moment in time. Therefore, the comparison here is limited to the rise of Hitler and not to the end of his regime. Hitler cannot change his past, but Trump can still change his future.

It seems that American government is following exactly everything they criticise about authoritarian governments. The arrest of Journalists during Trumps inauguration, the censure of CNN, BBC, NYT and other, from White House as well as the rhetoric promoted by Trump in just over a Month in power, is very similar of those of dictators we criticise so much. The White House never looked so similar to the Kremlin. Perhaps similar to an early Hitler or Mussolini, ruthless dictators nevertheless. Trump is dividing America and the world. He is creating a lot of tension and division in just over a month of his first term. This cannot be good for America. His ultra nationalistic approach and attack on immigrants and religion, has created chaos around the world. This is not the American way! Trump could have been the American president of the century, but he blew everything in just over a month. God knows what he is going to do in the next 4 years. God Bless America! and God Bless us all!


By: Michaell Lange

London, 01/11/16 –

Let’s be honest, we are living in a world where Democracy is just a word used to promote a set of common interests that seems to benefit everyone but it benefits only a few. Its like other words such as Republican, Democrat, Socialism, right and left. Although they are different in theory, the fact is that no matter where the choice goes or whoever is in power, the world continue the same path of being controlled by an ever smaller group of people. The election in the United States is a very good example of that. The media makes the people worried about the possibility of Trump winning the election and become the new president of the US. The fact is, doesn’t matter who wins this elections, very little will change for you. You might feel good if you found yourself in the winner side, but that will be it. I say that because Barak Obama was the closest  America ever came to real change, but look to America today after two Obama mandates. Very little changed. America is today, not very far from where Bush left the country. To me, the inability of Obama to really change the country tells a lot about Democracy and voting, and it’s evidence that whatever the results this time, little will change for ordinary Americans.

The central problem might be the people’s mentality towards governments. We are very easily influenced by the media propaganda, and the media is, unfortunately, part of the government. We love a show, and the media gives what we want and we forget how serious elections are. The power of the media to influence people means that vote becomes almost irrelevant because most of the people will follow the media instructions and vote for whoever they want you to vote for. It’s not a problem limited to America though. It’s the same all over the world, and it shows how fragile democracy can be. If you are influenced by propaganda, it means that your vote isn’t really yours. If you vote based on political party or poll results, your vote actually belongs to someone else, and someone else will decide who you should vote for.

The media will take any opportunity to make elections a big show to sell news by making people exited and scared. Donald Trump in this case, is golden card. Whatever you call Trump, it will sell. He is the devil, the monster, and at the same time, the saviour. The more controversial he is, the better. Last week for instance, The American TV channel NBC published a poll showing Trump 1% ahead of Hillary. The entire world media picked up that news, but in fact, 1% difference is inside the margin of error of NBC poll, which means Trump isn’t in front, but in a technical tie with Hillary. The media knew it, but  who cares? NBC’s public relations saw a great opportunity to sell and went for it. The fact that it might influence the elections result don’t really matter as long the channel is making the most of it. The morning after Brexit, Britain supposed to be gone in thin air. Well, we are still here. Of course there will be trouble, but for ordinary people, not for the big ones. They never lose whatever the results. The Brexit itself was won based on lies, and even the people who voted for it, realised they were fooled. We all were. Even I, a remainer, knew that the argument for remain were flawed. I did my own research and voted with conviction. The Americans should do the same.

In general, people will vote in whoever makes the biggest show and attract more attention, as if it’s a game of seduction instead of electing the people who will manage your money and your life for the next 4 or 5 years. If the candidate is funny, good looking, and controversial, it has a good chance of winning. Little matter how prepared he or she is to become president. The fight is for appearance, no matter how dumb he or she is. That’s why Trump has a good chance to win. In the battle of the dumbs he is in front. That’s why Boris Johnson is loved in Britain no matter how incompetent and a convicted lair he might be.

I see people very worried about the possibility of Trump being elected. I have no doubt that, if elected, Trump will be no different than the other American presidents. It’s important to remember that the way the president looks, doesn’t really translate how good or bad he or she will be. George W Bush and Tony Blair are good examples of that. They looked smart, intelligent, competent, charming and credible, but they made the whole world a very dangerous place and were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths including Americans and British people. There is no doubt Trump is a stupid man, but he is rich, and in a world where life is less important than money, he can be whatever he wants. On the other hand, if you think Hillary is any better, forget it. She has a history of disaster policies not to mention she is the establishment in person. Trump has no history in government jobs and that is positive for him. However, either candidates will do little for the average American struggling to meet ends meet. It has been this way since Ronald Reagan, and after Obama failure, I doubt change can ever be achieved. Certainly, not with these two. Whatever the results of this elections, Bankers and big corporations will continue to profit, while the average men and women will continue to struggle. I don’t want to sound pessimist, but look back 30 years and you will see the pattern. Very little changed within the social infrastructure, and I am sure neither Trump or Hillary will do anything to change it.

We must stop this carnival, and stop glorifying these people as if they are Gods. They are not! They are just opportunist people wanting to be more famous and more powerful. They don’t give a damn to your family. We must stop following our masters and start thinking by ourselves. Individualism is a force against us. We must think like a society where everyone helps each other instead of compete against each other. The actual system benefits only those in power and slave everybody else. Unfortunately, it seems that Americans once more, fell for the snake seduction skills. If I was an American, I would refuse to vote for these two. The American people deserve better. The whole world deserve better!


BY: Michaell Lange,

London, 29/07/16 –

The British referendum on the membership of the European Union has revealed the state of political madness in which Britain has found itself with. That’s not to mention the state of politics in countries on the other side of the spectrum such as Brazil, Turkey and Russia and obviously, the most weird of all, the United States of America. It shows that across the globe, regardless of political ideology, neither socialists, liberals, conservatives, democrats or republicans, have been able to address the concerns of the people they represent. The concept of democracy seems to have been reshaped into a bizarre and dangerous form of self-imposed nationalism that is pulling the world apart. It’s dangerously creating devisions between countries and deeply dividing people around the world. Although the global economy and financial markets are permanently fused and interdependent, social globalisation seems to have reached its limits and appear to be starting to break up. Is the world tired of integration? Or, is it a result of a combination of extremely incompetent governments, unscrupulous global financial market activities and the mainstream media 24/7 news? For some reason, yet to be explained by political theorists and scientists, the world seems to be moving backwards. Economic and social unrests like the ones from the 60s, appear to be on the rise again. Wars and violence are plaguing countries in central and North Africa as well as in the Middle East causing an exodus of biblical proportion. Generations of young people in Europe and North America are leaving universities with tens of thousands of pounds in debts. Lack of opportunities and the housing crises, are creating a generation of tenants which will never be able to buy their own houses. Some people claim it’s the end of Capitalism as we know it, but if it’s, what’s next?

Despite strong denial from politicians and the main stream media, Britain is in a mess, and so is most of the rest of the world. Yesterday, three different British news papers brought three different news about the economy. “UK economy begins to feel Brexit tremors” said The Guardian. On Daily Express the headline was; “No Stopping Booming Britain”. On Financial Times it said; “FTSE 250 rebounds from referendum”. On the same time, Lloyds Bank Group says it will cut 3000 more jobs and close a father 200 branches as the bank of England gets ready for possible negative interest rates; and we haven’t even triggered article 50 yet. For the Brexiteers from parliament, everything is rosy. The economy is “booming”, The weather is good, we have taken back control. It’s almost as if they were on LSD. Nevertheless, people continue to believe what they are told by our governments. “Everything is fine and everything is going to be alright” they say; when in reality, it’s clearly not fine and not alright. Why do we continue to believe in politicians? Is it just because they look good and trustworthy even when they are clearly not? Boris Johnson lied on his wedding day! A man who cheated on his wife, and lied to the nation about the £350 million Pounds for the NHS, and people continue to love him and trust him to be the Prime Minister. How can it be possible? Even Tony Blair after the revelations of the Iraq inquiry, still beloved and respected by so many. Is Hollywood to blame for our concept of bad guys that always look badly dressed, with rough beards and ugly faces, while the good boys are always beautiful and handsome? Don’t Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi fall perfectly into that description of bad guys while George W Bush and Tony Blair are the perfect examples of the good boys, even though the real difference between them are mostly, the number of innocent people they have killed? Does it explain why the two “bad” boys are dead and the other two will never face trail for their crimes?

The Brexit, as well as the worsening social crisis regarding housing, the NHS and job opportunities for young people, are sending a clear message that social unrests like those of 2011, might be just around the corner. The heinous situation of thousands of workers trapped on self-employment contracts with zero employment rights, working incredibly long hours for less than the minimum wage, is pushing society to a breaking point. For the first time in history, the new generation will be worse off than their parents’. There are countless cases of big companies exploiting their workers by paying less than the minimum wage and in inhumane working conditions. Sports Direct, Hermes, Addison Lee, E-Courier, BHS and Uber, are just a few examples of companies either in court or already found to be operating on the margins of the Law and way below their social and moral obligations. All of these has been going on under the nose of the government and with the bless of many politicians. In fact, they are allowing big corporations to ship billions of pounds of untaxed revenue out of the country, leaving behind a trail of misery, and they continually get away with it. How can such immoral and unpatriotic behaviour be allowed to happen?

Jeremy Corbyn is a British politician that is trying to do something about this mess. He is against big corporations declaring their profits somewhere abroad when their profits were made here in Britain. He is against pensioners, nurses, junior doctors, the police, the fire-fighters, the NHS and ordinary workers, to pay for the losses of billions of pounds of tax payers money caused by Bankers. He is against the government spending hundreds of billions of pounds in weapons we will never use. He is against big corporations interference in government affairs, and he is against theatrical politics like the PMQs where comedy seems to be more important than the concerns of the British people.

Mr Corbyn might not be the next British Prime Minister. People in power don’t want to lose their good lives so, they will not let go without a fight. They claim he is not the person with the leadership or the best ability do deliver the changes we so desperately need to see on British politics. So, who is? Blair? Cameron? It’s just hard for anyone to judge whether he would or wouldn’t be a good Prime Minister just like is hard to say if Mrs May will. We have had a number of Prime Ministers and Presidents around the world highly “prepared” to do a good job, but ended in failure. Tony Blair maybe one of the best (or should I say the worst?) examples. He was young, fit, good looking, ambitious, educated and overall, well prepared to be an excellent Prime Minister. Nevertheless, he allowed his personal ambitions to take over his responsibilities and ended up being a war criminal and co-responsible for a genocide in Iraq. In the 70s, the conservatives thought Margaret Thatcher would be a disaster for the country, but she made history as the Iron lady.

Jeremy Corbyns ideas might be just what Britain needs in order to clean up this country from political and financial greedy which has taken over the economy and has ruined ordinary people’s lives. Politics cannot be treated like comedy. In fact, use comedy in politics in the way it’s been done, is an offense for millions of British people struggling to pay their bills. We have a parliament full of clowns and Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to the comedy show. Since Corbyn was elected by a huge majority of labour voters to be the leader of the Labour Party, he made clear he wants to change the way we do politics in Britain, and it seems to be causing a lot of fuss in and around the Commons hence all the rhetorics, abuses, bulling and attacks he has been suffering. If he will never be a Prime Minister as claimed by the conservatives and many labour MPs, why they are so worried about him?

It’s bizarre to say the least, to see Mr Corbyn making a very important question concerning millions of Britons across the country and instead of answering the question, the Prime Minister chose to tell a joke about the Labour Party or about Mr Corbyn itself. Then everybody laughs, the question is forgotten, no answer is given, and they move on for the next question. Mr Corbyn then, make another important question that concerns the nation only to be ignored again by the Prime Minister who will tell another joke to entertain her friends and the media instead of giving a proper answer for the question asked. It has been like this for decades, if not ever since we have a Parliament. Despite the fact she was not elected yet, how committed is the Prime Minister to the people she’s supposed to represent? The main stream media classify these politics of jokes as a “great performance”, a “victory for the Prime Minister”. Iain Dale, a presenter of a daily show at LBC Radio, almost had an orgasm on air after Theresa May had ignored Mr Corbyn questions to instead, abuse and bully him all the way to the end of her first Prime Minister Questions. No questions asked about the lack of proper question and answer as PMQs supposed be in the first place. PMQs are not a competition to see who makes the best joke! It’s absurd! We continue to accept and approve this kind of behaviour from a Prime Minister. It’s a culture that needs to change. Mr Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party to do just that, and he is under attack from all sides including his own Party MPs. His fight resembles the problems with gun control laws in America. Every time someone stands to make it harder for people to by heavy weapons, they got attacked from all sides even when statistics show thousands of innocent people are losing their lives to gun violence every year in that country. The parallel to Mr Corbyn’s fight is true. When he tries to change a culture that is hurting this country so badly he got attacked with no mercy by those benefiting from the establishment he’s fighting against. Those at the top do not want to change. They like it the way it is whatever what people think.

Whatever’s the Prime Minister, Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major or the almighty Margaret Thatcher, they all played the same game that benefits the same people over and over and over. Laughter at the parliament seems to be more important than the country itself, and they always get away with it. The Prime Minister questions are unfortunately, a popular comedy show. It is not too far from “Live at the Apollo”. They play comedy with the future of this country. They play comedy with the future of British people, and they do it because they have been praised for it by the us. It must stop! British people deserve to be heard and to be taken seriously by those elected to represent them. But, for that to happen, we need to stop praising politicians for being funny and cool. Mr Corbyn in the other hand, despite the mockery, the bully and abuse coming from the conservative bench, always keep his calm and keep on asking important questions without falling for despicable provocation. The others are happy to go on national TV after the comedy show to say, without any shame, that Theresa May destroyed Mr Corbyn on PMQs. I think they let the country down again.

Despite all the claims that Mr Corbyn lacks the abilities and the leadership to implement the important changes in our political culture, one thing is certain; most of Mr Corbyn opposition comes from politicians whom don’t want to lose their privileges and are afraid that Mr Corbyn will put an end to these privileges they enjoy today.

I am not sure whether Jeremy Corbyn would be a good Prime Minister, right now I would doubt, but who knows? One can only speculate. Looking back to the last two elected Prime Ministers we had; one, has taken this country to an illegal war that caused a genocide in Iraq, and made the whole world less safe; The second, has taken Britain out of the European Union and risks to be forever remembered for breaking-up the United kingdom as well as the EU. Watching how the media and the establishment hate Mr Corbyn, I can only think; This man might deserve a chance.

The UK and the EU Question: A Possible Case of Mutual Assured Destruction

By: Michaell Lange,

London, 17/02/16 –

During the campaign for the 2015 general election, David Cameron has promised a referendum over the United Kingdom membership on the European Union. At the time, it was a political strategy worthing the gamble. It would make a clear differentiation between the Tories and the other political parties regarding the EU. It worked better then most people would predict and David Cameron won a historic majority seats at the British Parliament. Now, Mr Cameron has a problem in his hand he didn’t really asked for. The Prime minister is feeling increasingly desperate to get his proposals approved by Brussels before the referendum to ensure Britain remains inside the European Union. However the effort, he is watching in horror the growing possibility of a so called Britexit become a reality and he knows too well the disastrous consequence it could be for Britain.  He has no choice but to be all in. If successful, Mr Cameron will go on as one of the greatest British Prime Minister in history. If fails, David Cameron will most probably have to resign and the Tories as well as Britain will have to take the blame for a possible breakdown of the European Union.

Historically, British relationship with Europe has been a case of love and hate. Yes, British people love to go on holiday to mainland Europe. We love many aspects of their culture and food, not to mention the weather and the extraordinary beaches and ski resorts. In fact, over 1.5 million Britons left the UK to leave in continental Europe, and who would blame them? Nevertheless, hostility, has for centuries kept Britain’s view of Europe one of skepticism.

In a couple of Month Britain will vote on a referendum to decide the future of its EU membership. The decision to leave or to remain will have a profound impact on the future of the country. Like the Scottish referendum, it will be hard to see beyond the campaign of information and misinformation promoted by both sides of the argument. Euro sceptics such as Nigel Farage, promote the idea that if we vote to stay, Britain will lose its sovereignty and its control over the borders. But, how much of it is really true and how much is just inconsequent nationalism? We live in a globalised world where no country has total control of their economic affairs. The world’s economy is interconnected and has no borders. We know how a default in Argentina or a broken bank in the US can take the whole world to a rollercoaster ride. We have just paid £1 billion pounds to HSBC to keep their headquarters in London, and Google has agreed to pay only £130 million pound in tax for the past 10 years which the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, claimed to be only 3% of what Google supposed to pay. The British Government also failed to stop the invasion of cheap steel from China that is hurting the British steel industry.

The immigration question is an issue, but how much of the problem is really down to the EU membership? Mr Farage claim that 450 million Europeans can freely come to live in the UK is true to some extent though it is a very unrealistic assumption. Moreover, we haven’t been invaded by millions of Bulgarians and Romanians as predicted by Mr Farage when both countries entered the EU. On the other hand, Britain has big communities of Chinese, Australians, Pakistanis, Brazilians, South Africans and Indians for instance, and none of these countries belong to the European Union. So, is it a problem caused by the EU or is it a problem caused by our own Parliament? There is no doubt that immigration is a big issue for Britain, but it should not be the center of our decision to whether we should remain or leave the EU.

My biggest worry has nothing to do with the economy, immigration or sovereignty questions. My biggest fear is regarding the possible breaking down of the EU and its implications to the world if we decide to leave. If that happens, we will not be safe. A collapse of the European Union would be a disaster for the whole world and that is something even the most nationalist and EU sceptics must consider. The Euro crisis of the past years may have some lessons to teach us. The question of Greece caused great turbulence in the world’s economy and at the end, neither the EU or the World could afford the risk to let Greece leave the Union. In the case of Britain, the decision will not be in the hands of politicians. The Britons will make the decision. If the EU could not afford to lose a small, broken country like Greece, imagine the risks involving the exit of Britain from the EU could bring? One may argue that Greece was a special case because it’s in the Euro zone, but the reaction of the global financial market to a British exit is totally unpredictable. David Cameron may have gambled with the Greek case in mind thinking, if they can’t afford to lose Greece, surely they will agree anything we want to make sure we stay in. What Mr Cameron may not have thought is that the EU also realised that Britain has much more to lose than Greece. That is why the impasse between Britain and the EU looks increasingly more like a case of mutual assured destruction. Like the nuclear dead-lock between the US and the USSR during the Cold War, none of the two could afford to make a preemptive attack because of the mutual assured destruction. Deterrence worked well for the nuclear case and there were never, of course, any referendum during the cold war to decide whether to attack an enemy with the capability to destroy any attacker in the process. It would be ludicrous. The referendum over the EU might be a similar case where neither the EU or the UK have the capability to let the other one down without the risk of possible self destruction in the process.

But the worst is not even that. What will probably decide my vote on the referendum is the main reason for the creation of the European Union in the first place, which in my opinion still stands. The EU were primarily created to stop destructive wars in Europe. Therefore, we should never dismiss the possibility of war in Europe from happening again. We may not be able to stop far right groups from getting into power again if the EU falls apart. Nazi and fascist groups still operating underground all over Europe and if they have any opportunity to rise to power again, they will. The new and young generation of Europe may not believe European countries can go to war against each other again, but we should remember that World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Nevertheless, we had the second World War and the Cold War after that. Moreover, like today, nobody really believed in another World War in 1939. So, we should never underestimate this possibility especially, if the EU collapses causing widespread economic depression with European countries going their own way. We must understand that Europe is safer if tied together in an Union like the EU. It’s worked well so far and should continue to work as long as European countries stay tied together. Although, Britain is not considered a historic hostile country towards Europe, it cannot refuse the fact that its position in the EU today is very important for the maintenance of the balance of power in Europe. The decision to leave, can start a disastrous process for Europe and indeed for Britain and for the whole world.

On the other hand, stay in the EU should not mean Britain has to accept the current structure of the European Union. The EU is politically and economically unbalanced and David Cameron is totally right to seek and to promote changes in the EU. It will also be easier to do these necessary changes and to fight for a fairer Europe if Britain stays in. If that is the case, Britain must make efforts to develop a better relationship with the rest of Europe. A better relationship with European countries is a matter of national security for Britain and indeed a positive step towards a more independent UK . However the way Britons decide to vote, we must remember that immigration and benefits are not, and should not be, the main arguments for Britain to remain or leave the EU. We should consider first, some deeper and much more important facts that has not yet hit the mainstream media debates, before we make our decision. It’s absolutely crucial that Britons have clearly in their minds that we will not be voting only in our behalf, but on behalf of the whole Europe. The British vote will decide the future of Europe. That’s why it’s so crucial to get it right. We must not only think about what is best for Britain, but what is best for all Europeans.