By Michaell Lange.

London, 01/03/19 –


Information. We understand that information can be used to manipulate opinions, change and create perceptions that is very often a distraction or a corruption of reality. Information can also be totally fabricated out of nothing. We also know that governments (including our own), the mainstream media, politicians, political parties, people and businesses, have been either fabricating or manipulating information to influence our opinion. It happens all the time, and it works most of the time.

In the past, information was mostly, given to the public by TV channels, radio and news papers. How did we trust them then, and how much do we trust them now? We were educated to trust the mainstream media, and yes, they do deserve some trust, but not without question. Nevertheless, the mainstream media remains an one way form of communication. We were allowed to listen, watch and read, but we have no rights to say anything. The social media came to change everything. We started to communicate direct to each other, no matter where in the planet we were. We became free of news editors and news intermediators. We started to listen to each other more, shared our opinions, our critics, our dreams and our questions about everything. We organised protests, we ousted entire governments. We saved democracy where democracy was once dead. All thanks to social media. We learned that we have been conditioned to things without our knowledge.  We were told, smoking were ok. We were told, milk was a super food. We were told radiation from nuclear bombs did not kill. We were told asbestos did not harm. We were told Thalidomide was a safe drug, “the wonder drug”, until more than ten thousand children had been born with shortened legs, arms or no limbs at all. We trusted them, and many of us are continue to trust them without a thought.

Since I was very young I developed a habit to question everything. Why I was feeling angry, happy, or sad. Why I liked some things and dislike others things. I learned that questioning is one of the greatest tools of evolution. This is the reason why I believe in evolution and science. This is also the reason I believe in democracy and capitalism. But, I also learned that sometimes, when capitalism and science intertwine, my well-being and my interests are not always the main priority. It’s very interesting because capitalism is exactly the system that allows technology to develop freely. However, I understand that the same system controlled by capital can harm people, by the way it works. Business work for profit! The business of business is business! Fact!

I don’t believe for a second that pharmaceuticals would invest billions of Dollars to develop treatments and vaccines just because they have a big heart. No. They do it, because it’s big business! I don’t believe the statement that says vaccines are the biggest breakthrough in health care. Cure, must always be the biggest breakthrough in health care. But, cure does not make business sense. Treatment makes more business sense, because if you cure the patient, you lose your client. But, if you treat your client, then your client will be forever thankful to you and will always be your client.  Does it looks too crass to you? Welcome to pharmaceutic Industry!

But, still, there is a limitation for businesses investing on development of treatments. Treatments can only be applied to people already ill, which limits the clients prospects. However, if you develop a vaccine, your clients prospect is pretty much the entire planet population. For instance, in 2017, about 85% of world’s children received a dose of Measles vaccine (WHO). If it’s true that Measles vaccine is one the most effective, then, indeed, it’s a reason to celebrate. But, this does not stop me from thinking how many children pharmaceutics would be able to treat if there was no measles vaccine. Certainly less than 85% of world’s children. Vaccines make so much business sense! Why would Pharmaceutics be interested in develop a definitive cure for Measles when they can vaccinate 85% of worlds children and potentially treat the other 15%? I asked a business man from New York about the principles of business. He stood in silence for a couple of seconds and said: “Money has no principles!”.

I have a terrible type of Migraine since I was 12. With two attacks every week or so, and two days to recovery in bed each time, my life was hell. At 15 I started a treatment with a new drug. As soon as I started, it took three years until the next migraine attack. It gave me my life back. I am 42 now and still under the same treatment, daily. Have they developed a cure for migraine instead of treatment, they would have lost I as their client 27 years ago. Treatment makes more business sense than cure! Moreover, I’ve been vaccinated for meningitis and guess what? I had meningitis when I was 18. So how effective vaccines really are? My answer is simple, I don’t know!

I believe vaccines can be effective. Of course I do! But, I don’t trust the people who develop them. I don’t believe they have my and my children well-being at heart. Moreover, I also believe in the power of big businesses, I believe the power of lobby. I believe they have no clue of the effects and consequences of vaccines in the long term, but they know exactly how much money they can make from it. I believe vaccines have not being tested enough before being injected in children. I suspect our children have been their guinea pigs. The fact is, children are suffering from allergies like never before. A number of cases of vaccine damages have been proved in court. Pharmaceuticals are very secretive companies and they don’t like to be questioned. The British government has a programme called Vaccine Damage Payment which may suggests there are more to the case than we have been told.

Although, I was convinced by doctors to vaccinate my first child, I was absolute covered in fear and doubt by the time I had to vaccinate my second child. After a long period of conversations and thinking between me and my wife, which still on going, we have decided we will not vaccinate our second child. It’s been a very difficult decision, but it’s not because we are ignorant or careless. We’ve not been influenced by the so called Russian fake news, or dubious doctors in America. We just think the risks are far too greater to vaccinate than not vaccinate. It’s frustrating because we love our children. Be a father was my biggest goal in life and I want nothing less than the best for my kids. I don’t criticise those who decide to vaccinate their children. I’m not against vaccination, I just don’t trust companies more interested in make big profits than ensure the safety of their products. I think it’s a very important decision and we are all related by the love we share to our children. Until I’m satisfied with the safety of vaccines and understand their long term effects, I will not run the risk.