By: Michaell Lange,

London, 26/02/17 –

Firstly, when Trump challenged the main stream media, I thought it was a good thing. The media is too powerful and don’t like to be challenged. The media protect their interests and must be challenged. So, criticism coming from an American president was the perfect match. There is no doubt that fake news is a huge problem throughout the media spectrum, and it was clear that the media, especially in America, did everything they could to destroy Trumps campaign. It didn’t work. The media was in fact, pivotal for Trumps victory. They were the victims of their own rating ambition. But, the way Trump has carried out his anti-media campaign went from what should’ve been positive criticism, to an outright full force attack. That’s not only bad for democracy, it’s highly dangerous!

Secondly, I thought he was going to challenge the so called establishment, and in doing so it would be normal to see the entire structure of the system shaking to the core. But, Trumps speech at CPAC is so far, the clearest evidence that Trump has decided to live in his own echo chamber by allowing in only people he likes. He completely disregards everyone else who don’t agree with him. Moreover, his plans for America Army is toxic and can drag the world back to the Cold War. That’s also not good for America!

Thirdly, when Trump had his Ban on citizens from seven muslims countries overturned by a federal judge, he should’ve appealed and followed the legal process of justice, instead, he attacked one of the core foundations of the Nation, by referring to the Judge as “the so called judge”. To any American citizen who praise their Constitutional rights, this should be enough to realise that Donald Trump isn’t really worried about their citizens rights and the Rule of Law.

Now, Trump announces he is doing another thing he promised during his elections campaign. He said during the CPAC, he believes in Peace by strength (a concept that never worked), and that he will make “American Military, bigger, better and stronger like never before”. He also said “it will be one of the greatest military buildups in American history”. The fact is, American military power is already the biggest military force the world has ever seen. The second best is centuries behind. But, his speech at CPAC has made me think about Vladimir Putin. The guy whom the West like to refer to as “the crazy guy”, “the dictator”, “the dangerous man” etc. I watched Trumps speech imagining what would be the reaction of the West if that exact speech was coming from the mouth of Vladimir Putin, under the ovation of the Russian people? Imagine Putin saying he will make Russia win again and no one will dare to mess with Russia again. Imagine that?

On the other hand, I was waiting for Vladimir Putins reaction to Trumps speech, and like most of us, I was waiting for something strong as like many of you, I also believe Putin has indeed a couple os loose screws in his head, though he’s far from being stupid. But, there was nothing from the man itself. The only response coming from Russia was from a concerned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, saying that an American military buildup could restart the cold war, and that’s very true. It is also true that a replay of an arms race will again, ends with no winners.

What also concerns me is the efficacy of Trump’s “Peace by Strength”. In fact, an American military buildup will not make America greater or safer again. The risks of total armageddon during the cold war should have been a lesson for Donald Trump. More military power does not mean more security. Buildup the military, specially the nuclear power, will increase the chances of accidental war as well as nuclear terrorism. It will make nuclear countries to feel even more nervous, and it will be used as justification for other countries to develop their own nuclear weapons. It’s a mad idea! And, there is another big problem. Money! The US total debt stands as a colossus $66 trillion Dollars, or $809 thousand Dollars per family, which in return has only $10 thousand Dollars in savings per family. Where the money will come from Mr President? That’s a question only an adviser with balls can dare to ask Mr Trump. I don’t think Mexico will pay for that too.

I can’t stop looking back in time, more precisely to the beginning of the 20th century and draw parallels to what is happening today. Nationalism rising rapidly all around the world especially in America and Europe. The Arms race that will follow a buildup of American military. The Political and Military Alliances between Russia and China to face NATO. The conflicts in North Africa as well as the Ukraine crisis can be compared to the conflicts in the Balkans, and a possible collapse of the European Union could be the catalyst for total disaster. Frankly, we are heading that way!

In the 1930s when Hitler came to power, the Germans saw him as their saviour, just like millions of Americans see Trump today. The Germans had no idea that in 10 years time, their saviour would be dead and their country would be devastated by war and hated by the world. The Brits and millions of Americans would never believe Brexit and Trump had any chance to happen. The Germans would never thought their saviour could bring so much devastation to the world and to themselves. In fact, the Germans believed Hitler would be good to all German people. If you think I am comparing Trump to Hitler, that is exactly what I am doing. The potencial to world disaster under Trumps seems just as equal. There is a lot of similarities between Trumps atitude to Hitler and Mussolinis. They share the same mix of selfishness and egocentrism which is characteristics of all dictators. Like Hitler, Trump negotiates by intimidation. The violence is different of course, but the time is different too. However, the rhetoric is the same. The thing is, the less we believe that very bad things can happen again, the bigger is the chance it will happen again. Its important to consider that the comparison between Hitler and Trump must be regarded to their moment in time. Therefore, the comparison here is limited to the rise of Hitler and not to the end of his regime. Hitler cannot change his past, but Trump can still change his future.

It seems that American government is following exactly everything they criticise about authoritarian governments. The arrest of Journalists during Trumps inauguration, the censure of CNN, BBC, NYT and other, from White House as well as the rhetoric promoted by Trump in just over a Month in power, is very similar of those of dictators we criticise so much. The White House never looked so similar to the Kremlin. Perhaps similar to an early Hitler or Mussolini, ruthless dictators nevertheless. Trump is dividing America and the world. He is creating a lot of tension and division in just over a month of his first term. This cannot be good for America. His ultra nationalistic approach and attack on immigrants and religion, has created chaos around the world. This is not the American way! Trump could have been the American president of the century, but he blew everything in just over a month. God knows what he is going to do in the next 4 years. God Bless America! and God Bless us all!


By: Michaell Lange,

London, 07/02/17 –

Nota do autor – Quanto menos você acreditar na possibilidade descrita abaixo, maiores são as chances do impossível acontecer. A culpa do caos não é da policia, mas dos governantes Brasileiros que jogaram o país aos tubarões. Mas será também, culpa do povo Brasileiro se permanecermos parados assistindo o caos tomar conta do país inteiro. 

A situação no Brasil é extremamente delicada, mas ainda não é totalmente caótica. A situação na Síria é totalmente caótica. No Brasil, o estado ainda é soberano. mas, a questão é; Até quando? A ausência do poder do estado no Espirito Santo é um indício grave da falência do estado e uma evidência clara de que o Brasil segue na direção do caos total.

A policia (bem ou mal), é a agência governamental que tem como responsabilidade garantir a Lei e a ordem no país. Quando o policiamento cessa, o estado se ausenta e a Constituição Federal é suspensa. O país vira terra de ninguém. Facções criminosas passam a atuar livremente sem qualquer forma de intervenção. A população assustada, cria grupos armados para proteger bairros e residências contra as ações de criminosos que agora, controlam as ruas. O confronto entre criminosos e “vigilantes” é quase inevitável. A desconfiança e a falta de informação intensificam o estado de tensão. A guerra civil não declarada passa a ser uma realidade e contamina estado por estado numa reação em cadeia inevitável seguindo a falência das instituições governamentais que deixam de existir uma após a outra. A situação é rejeitada a todo custo por um governo federal ja enfraquecido e fragmentado. O exército é acionado como o último recurso para manter a ordem, mas sua capacidade e recursos são limitados e insuficientes para manter a ordem em todo o território nacional. Noticias de que facções criminosas dominam importantes cidades do país, geram pânico e confusão em outros estados. Uma fuga em massa para países vizinhos gera tensão nas fronteiras. Outros milhares, de civis, ex-policiais e soldados, se armam e tentam organizar uma resistência contra o avanço  de grupos criminosos que ja controlam equipamentos e armamentos pesados de uso exclusivo das Forças Armadas. A medida em que o número de mortos cresce rapidamente, as noticias começam a chamar a atenção da mídia mundial. Países Europeus e Norte Americanos interrompem vôos para o Brasil enquanto uma comissão do Mercosul estuda formas de intervenção junto a ONU. O número de refugiados Brasileiros vivendo em campos improvisados no Uruguai, Argentina e Chile ja passam dos 10 milhões ao mesmo tempo que a ONU declara situação de catástrofe humanitária em quase toda a America do Sul. EUA e Europa se recusam a receber refugiados Brasileiros e milhares de mulheres e crianças são abandonadas a própria sorte.

Noticias de que grupos armados tomaram Brasilia, se espalham rapidamente nas redes sociais causando pânico generalizado. O total colapso do governo federal se torna inevitável. Presidente, Deputados, Ministros e Senadores que não foram assassinados pelos mais de 300 mil presos foragidos em todo país, se refugiam em Cuba, Venezuela, Miami e Reino Unido. Não se sabe mais ao certo quem são os criminosos e quem são os grupos de vigilantes organizados por ex-policiais e soldados. A falta de mantimentos e água potável nas grandes cidades levam milhões de mulheres e crianças a passarem fome escondidos em prédios abandonados. Fotos de crianças mortas chocam o mundo e milhões vão as ruas dos EUA e Europa pedindo providências da comunidade internacional e o fim da guerra civil no Brasil. ONGs internacionais declaram calamidade nos hospitais do país por falta de tratamentos. Milhares de médicos fogem para os EUA e Austrália e os poucos que permanecem estão sobrecarregados e trabalhando voluntariamente auxiliados por soldados dos grupamentos do corpo de bombeiros e ONGs internacionais.

Em reunião fechada na sede das Nações Unidas em Nova York, uma resolução que autoriza uma força de Paz composta por França, Reino Unido e EUA a entrar no Brasil, é aprovada com unanimidade. A Russia absteve seu voto. Aviões de guerra Americanos decolam de várias bases aéreas na Colombia para bombardear regiões comandadas por facções criminosas no Brasil incluindo a Capital Brasilia, mas a prioridade é na verdade, proteger e reestabelecer a manutenção e o fluxo das reservas minerais do país.

Após fortes bombardeios no centro do Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte e Brasilia, centenas de mortes de civis são registrados pela Cruz Vermelha Internacional. Incêndios de grandes proporções e fora de controle destroem os centros das principais capitais estaduais do país. NASA publica fotos da Estação Espacial mostrando enormes colunas de fumaça que tomam os céus do país a vários dias.

Grupos paramilitares dos três estados do Sul declaram independência e fecham a fronteira Norte entre o Paraná e São paulo, mas não escapam dos bombardeios aéreos que destroem o centro das principais cidades juntamente com os aeroportos de Curitiba e Porto Alegre e os portos de Rio Grande e Itajai. Milhares de civis são mortos.

No Nordeste, ONU registra massacres de civis e descobre dezenas de covas coletivas com centenas de corpos incluindo mulheres e crianças. ONU não descarta Genocídio. No Rio de Janeiro, aviões de guerra Franceses, Britânicos e Americanos promovem o maior ataque aéreo desde a queda do governo federal depois que um video foi publicado na Internet onde um bando de criminosos celebravam o assassinato de dois pilotos Americanos que tiveram suas cabeças arrancadas na praia de Copacabana.

Após 3 anos de guerra civil, a infra-estrutura do país esta em frangalhos. Milhões de Brasileiros refugiados continuam a viver em acampamentos administrados pela ONU, e o número de mortos ultrapassam 1 milhão. A coalisão da ONU liderada pelos EUA decide reestabelecer o governo Brasileiro na cidade de Santos no litoral do estado de São paulo, ja que as cidades de Brasilia, Rio e São Paulo foram totalmente devastadas pelos bombardeios Norte Americanos. As reservas de minérios do Brasil passam a ser administradas por empresas Americanas e Européias entre elas a Shell, BP e Chevron e Texaco. Bolsonaro é escolhido pelos Estados Unidos para ser o novo presidente do Brasil e é imediatamente apoiado pelo grupo paramilitar evangélico conhecido como o Exercito de Deus. Milhões celebram nas ruas em todo o Brasil. Mas, a posse de Bolsonaro, é ofuscada por grupos paramilitares de esquerda que não apoiam o regime do novo presidente e se recusam reconhecer Bolsonaro prometendo derruba-lo a força se necessário for.

Após 5 anos, a guerra civil toma nova forma. Agora, as forças nacionais de Bolsonaro lutam contra grupos para-militares em várias frentes nacionais, principalmente no Nordeste do país. A mídia mundial fala em rebeldes contra as forças de Bolsonaro. O novo presidente classifica os grupos rebeldes de terroristas, e em pronunciamento a toda nação promete caçar e destruir todos eles. Os três estados do Sul prometem apoio a Bolsonaro em troca de sua independência e o presidente aceita com relutância.

A guerra civil se extende por mais 10 anos quando finalmente todos os lados entram em acordo de paz. Em 2 de Outubro de 2035 o Brasil elege democraticamente Francisco Lula da Silva e seu vice João de Magalhães Bolsonaro numa disputa acirrada no segundo turno contra Marcos Neves e Maria Bornhausen. Eduardo Cunha Junior é eleito o novo presidente da Camara dos Deputados e Guto Calheiros Sarney é o novo presidente do Senado. No Sul do Brasil, após referendum, Santa Catarina e Paraná voltam a fazer parte do Brasil, mas Rio Grande do Sul vota pelo NÂO e funda a nova República Democrática Tchê Barbaridade É Bem Capaz. Milhões celebram a volta da democracia em todo o Brasil. Em Santa Catarina, o novo governador Jorge Amin da Silveira Junior anuncia a nova fase da reforma da ponte Hercílio Luz. Um dia depois da posse do novo presidente, o autor deste Artigo visivelmente abatido, se suicida com um tiro na cabeça em sua residência no Sudoeste de Londres.


By: Michaell Lange,

London, 02/02/17 –

Austria has banned full face-veil in public places following similar decisions in France and Belgium. The Dutch parliament is analysing similar action, and in Germany, Angela Merkel is in favor of the ban. But, what is really behind this measure and why Europeans feel so threatened by a woman wearing a burka or Niqab? Fear of multiculturalism seems to be one of the reasons, and the rise of far-right politics in Europe is surely another clue. In Austria, the reasons given by the government to justify the ban was that, the veil stood in the way of an open communication, interfering on the process of an open society. How contradicting is that? The same rule can be interpreted exactly the opposite way. An “open communication” means that what you wear can tell about who you are, or what is your faith. It’s not different for Nuns, Priests, Rabbis, or a Punk or a hippy. However, only the burka has been affected by the ban. It seems that fear might be the main reason behind these measures. If that’s the case, we should hold our heads in shame. Fear of terrorism is the most shallow of all arguments to ban face-veil. Most of the terror attacks in Europe and indeed in the US, were carried out by men wearing western clothes. So what the Burka has to do with it? Ban the Burka is clearly a discriminatory action. European governments are supposed to combat discrimination, but they are in fact promoting it, and that’s utterly unacceptable! Muslim women are very vulnerable. They have little or no rights in many Middle East and Africa countries. In many cases they are forced to marry and are subject of exploitation, and when they come to the “free world” the discrimination continues. It must stop!

Europe is giving in to the same far-right ideas that caused so much destruction in Europe in the past. politicians like Angela Merkel from Germany, should never agree to ban the burka. She might be going against her own ideals and values to counter the rise of the far-right in her country, but this decision will come back to haunt her in the future. For those playing the argument that multiculturalism has failed, it’s important to remember that Europe today is a big pot of mixed race, religion and culture. It seems however, that what concerns Europeans is fear of Islam. Yet, fear of Islam was not caused by terrorists, but by the Western media propaganda. Americans for instance, should be more worried of toddlers than Muslims. Young babies cause more death by fire arms accidents in America than Islamic terrorism. That’s not to mention the Islamic State that have killed far more muslims than any other people put together. So what is this fear about?

Nick Ferrari, a LBC radio presenter based in London, has said in the past that he would not allow a doctor wearing burka to examining him. I ask why not? What is his fear all about? Did he ever asked a doctor to provide a doctor certificate before he let them check him up? have anyone of us done it before? isn’t it a doctor certificate more important for you to worry about than a face-veil? So why Mr Ferrari would ignore the dangers of a possible false doctor exam him and instead, fear the burka? He also said in the past that a person facing a panel of judges should never be allowed to wear a burka so the judges could see his/her face and judge his behaviour. Well, I thought the judges should judge the evidence not the person. So, maybe all people facing trial should actually use burka, so the judges would have to judge the facts and the evidence only instead of the colour the skin or how the suspect behave in court. After all, we all know that black people are more likely to be convicted of a crime than a blue eye white person. So please, burka for every person facing trial!

I can only see one reason for the ban on the Burka in Europe, and that’s discrimination! States are promoting discrimination which goes against European values of liberty, freedom of expression and tolerance. When the state starts to dictate what kind of clothes we should wear, it’s time to be scared and worried. We must not forget what happened to the Jews in the 30s and 40s, and we must not allow anything like that to ever happen again. Muslims in Europe are in a path very similar to that of jews in the 30s, which tragically ended with the holocaust. European people should not allow their governments to pass laws or regulations designed to discriminate people or their culture and religion, unless we want the horrors of the past to become the horrors of the future. I don’t believe anyone wish that. So, we should not fear Islam or muslims. But, we must fear people willing to hurt other people just for the sake of their ignorance and hatred. We should fear people who doesn’t like other people just for what they are. I’m not afraid of Europe been taken over by islam, but I’m really afraid of Europe been taken over by the same radical people who caused the worst humanitarian disaster in the history of Men kind. We should not fear a face-veil, but we must fear hatred. We should not fear people just because they are different, but we must fear people disliking others just because they are different.

Since the end of World War Two, Europe has become a place of refuge for freedom and democracy, where people from all back grounds can exercise their beliefs freely and in Peace. Europe has also been an example in the fight for women equality as well as for the protection for minorities and vulnerable people. We cannot allow European leaders to promote hate and endanger everything Europe has achieved in the fields of human rights since the holocaust. No country has the right to dictate the way you should dress or live! If that is happening in Europe today, it’s time to act quickly and stop these radicals from steer Europe back to the 1930s again.