By: Michaell Lange,

London, 19 /04/16 –

The Congress worked in exemplary fashion in recent weeks. They packed the plenary during last Sunday (17) session, a fact so rare as the total eclipse of the sun. They were all there in their fancy dresses, red noses and sharp tongues to vote massively for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. The house was full. If they could, they would bring their families and friends, as if they were about to watch the theatrical show of the century, and indeed it was. With the exception of the truth and the Federal Constitution, no one missed the show. While the military patrolled arrogantly in their tanks on the streets of Brazil, the congressmen in ecstasy, unloaded all their hatred in the Courthouse of Congress. It was the show of the century, but it wasn’t pretty or exemplary. It was ugly, dirty, hateful, miserable, shameful, illegal, irresponsible, inappropriate, and of sadness so deep that turned comedy. They managed to raise absurdity to such a level that it became funny. And how not to laugh at situations such as the deputy who praised her husband as an example of citizen, just to find the next morning that he was arrested by federal police on charges of corruption? Like any comedy show, we laughed out loud at such absurdity!

In any democracy the people are sovereign, and it is the only institution allowed to elect mayors, governors, deputies, senators and the president. These, are not the owners of the state. They are just representatives who must respect and be faithful to the Federal Constitution above all. But, in Brazil, this concept of democracy seems to exist only on election day. Once elected, politicians become some kind of God with absolute and supernatural powers as well as unlimited authority. They are in fact, so they believe, sent by God! And speaking of God, he was slandered all day long by those false prophets and false religious leaders. They do everything to ensure they got the vote, and then, overnight, they become the landlords of the state. They do whatever they please without fear. After all, they were sent by God. When they work by themselves, the threat to the state is little, but when they work together, they become the biggest single threat to national security. The Sunday (17) was the greatest proof of that. The army took to the streets waiting for a possible invasion, perhaps led by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, or even a surprise appearance of Bolívar himself. Yes, the Brazilian military mentality stopped evolving in the 1960s. The arguments are the same and the rhetoric of hatred as well. When they combine forces with false religious leaders, the whole world is in danger.

Nothing is impossible for an elected Brazilian politician. They have the power to drop lawsuits, to interfere in the course of justice, they abuse power and exercise powers that they do not have or at least they shouldn’t. The Federal Constitution is a mere inconvenient book which is only remembered with great caution, when it’s extremely necessary and even then, during last Sunday session, she wasn’t mentioned once. Clearly, its presence at that spurious session would not be appropriate in any way, shape or form. Instead, they exercise a parallel power that follows its own imaginary laws, based on their own codes and doctrines dictated by the Bible and military mentality. The Federal Constitution probably appears as the fourth or fifth position in the ranking of importance, behind even to personal interests of each public servant. At the congress, even the alleged Constitutional reason to justify the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, was only mentioned after the 400th deputy vote. Only then, the justification was mentioned.

After the shameful spectacle of last Sunday, one thing was clear. The Brazilian government is a farce! It’s a scam that has been exposed and solidified live on national television. Brazilians have been calling for years for the end to corruption. Last Sunday they received in exchange, a factional dictatorship of one political party, the PMDB Party, who now, controls all the state powers. Michel Temer from PMDB party, will be the new president as he is Dilma’s vice-president. The House of Representatives is chaired by a gangster called Eduardo Cunha, also a PMDB party member, and the Senate Chamber is presided by Renan Calheiros, another gangster from PMDB Party. If we can call it democracy, it would be very difficult to define what would be a dictatorship. Dictated democracy does not exist. It was created to camouflage the assault and handling the crime for the perpetuation of the powerful, by the powerful, for the powerful. The people are merely an inconvenient informality that occasionally can be used as a tool to defend or attack those who by any means, control the media and the justice in Brazil.

But in Brazil every day is celebration’s day, and last Sunday it wasn’t different. It’s not clear though what they were celebrating, or the cause of their celebration. After all, what could Brazil be celebrating after the most shameful show in Brazilian history being shown live on national television? How can there be a democratic system when the President is overthrown precisely by those who lost the last presidencial elections? What democracy allows war tanks to patrol the streets of a free and sovereign country in a clear display of force against any threat that could risk the success of the operation? Which form of democracy would allow a gangster such as Eduardo Cunha, or a convicted criminal such as Paulo Maluff, and many others accused of corruption, to vote out a president who has not been accused or convicted of any wrong doing? Brazilian democracy is most definitely a scam, and the Brazilian government is definitely a hoax. How can this country possibly work with these gangsters in power? It’s impossible!

The Sunday (17) proved that Brazil, or the two Brazils, are not governed but instead, ruled by a bunch of criminals. The people are divided. They support A or B without realising A and B are part of the same side. The same side that steals, deceives, corrupt, kills innocent people, and rape the nations assets in the name of this pseudo democracy they have now. It’s very strange and bizarre to look at it from here and see Brazilians treating other Brazilians as if they were strangers and invaders of their own country. This division is the perfect recipe for the perpetuation of social domination. It must end!

The partition of Brazilian people is a pathological evidence of the social disease that is killing Brazil today. They are suffering from a serious social disease in advanced stage that already cost them their vision, their sensitivity as well as their sense of what is right and wrong. Their memory was torn by some form of hypnosis making them unable to recognise their greatest enemy. It wasn’t the PT Party who suffered a blow, not Democracy either. Who suffered a catastrophic blow this past Sunday was the Brazilian people. Those hundreds of thousands of people who went to the streets in red protesting against the coup. Also, those millions of Brazilians who went to the streets in green and yellow to protest for democracy.

Brazilian politicians have shown their true faces and it’s ugly as it can possibly be. They spat at each others face, they shout and offended one another, they used foul language totally inappropriate to the place and the position they were elected for. They broke all the rules of decency and morality. They were shameful with no emotional control or any dignity. In fact, they were representing the very worst in Brazilian society. They behaved like true social garbage that needs to be fought against. There were absolutely nothing to justify the behaviour of the Army and Congressmen in the last Sunday session. They destroyed the morale, they placed the Federal Constitution in the rubbish bin and destroyed any shred of credibility the country had left. The world watched the Brazilian politic circus as a comedy show on Sundays night, and the people of Brazil were the biggest clowns thanks to these gentlemen that have proved once again, they are unable to represent Brazil in any way. They have made Brazil look like the most stupid place on Earth and the country will pay a big price for that. They should resign collectively and never run for public office again. Only then, Brazil will have a chance to restore their political dignity and recover from this dark moment in its history. But, I think it will be easier to make turkeys vote for Christmas than Brazilian politics give way to a all new generation of politicians. Shame on them!

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